The Operational Histories

This series is a collection of operational histories, generated from firsthand accounts and official government narratives. Reproduced here as short e-books, each volume offers a unique window into the evolution of Canada’s northern deployments and capabilities, as well as a detailed look at the challenges faced by the CAF during its multi-generational effort to develop and maintain its operational capabilities in the Arctic.

With these volumes, the authors and volume editors hope to highlight important lessons learned from past activity while adding fresh insights and a fuller context to our understanding of Canada’s defence operations and responsibilities in the North. And, in so doing, to inform decision making today.


HMCS Labrador

Per Ardua Ad Artcticum

Operation Morning Light

Rotary Wings over the Arctic

Tracks North

Special Contract

The Voyages of the RCMP Schooner "St. Roch"

In Manhattan's Wake

Canada's First Eastern Arctic Patrol, 1922

Operation Canon

Operation Kigliqaqvik Ranger

Special VOlumes

This volume seeks to understand the concept of Whole of Government (WoG) as it applies to activities in the Canadian Arctic from a comprehensive “3D” (defence-diplomacy- evelopment) perspective. It explores the concept broadly and deeply, shedding light on the full spectrum of activities, themes and practices which constitute a WoG approach to the defence of the Canadian Arctic. This includes a multiperspective understanding of the legal, environmental, policy, strategic,
developmental and operational perspectives that inform the Department of
National Defence, the Canadian Arctic Forces, and the whole Government of
Canada’s approach to Arctic defence, security, sustainable development,
and environmental stewardship.


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Series Editor

Adam Lajeunesse, is an Associate Professor teaching in the Public Policy and Governance program at St. Francis Xavier University. He is the author of the award-winning book Lock, Stock, and Icebergs (2016), a political history of the Northwest Passage, as well as co-author of the 2017 monograph China’s Arctic Ambitions and What They Mean for Canada, and co-editor of Canadian Arctic Operations, 1941-2015: Lessons Learned, Lost, and Relearned (2017). Lajeunesse works on questions of Arctic sovereignty and security policy and has written extensively on Canadian Armed Forces Arctic operations, maritime security, Canadian-American cooperation in the North, and Canadian Arctic history.

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